Refinery Mineral Testing And Private Testing

We have technical experts as a company that can do testing of minerals in our refinery.

We also offer private testing for clients at any given country with the use of testing equipment that include:

  • XRF-thermo scientific NITON XL2-980
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Smelting Machine
  • Specific Chemicals

We do smelting of gold and our gold is smelted from dust, nuggets up to 99.9% purity bullion standard.

We do smelt and mold gold into bars of different sizes and shape eg. 1Kg bar, 2Kg bar, 5Kg bar and 10Kg bar, depending on our client`s choice and preference.

We can also brand, put seals, company logo, company stamps and names of clients/buyers on their bullion gold bars ready for exportation to any country.

Although these are the most common forms of mineral testing, there are several more that help label minerals in their sub-class, as well as physically distinguish them. Other forms of mineral testing include specific gravity, odor, electric resistance, UV fluorescense, radioactivity, taste, bite test, birefringence, relief, structure, zoning, extinction angle, and general shape.