Gold Value Increasing

What Moves Gold’s Price?

From ancient civilizations to the modern age, individuals have relied on Gold for beauty, industrial uses, and as a store of value of cash in stock market.

Given its high global demand, Gold’s price fluctuations may be triggered by the gold purity as it varies from one gold mining site to another.

As EuroGold Refinery with the help of the latest technology we happen to be among the leading refinery in Africa that increases the purity of gold ranging from the lowest purity upto 99.9% bullion International Standard, making us one of the most relevant and leading gold refinery in africa for the last 32 years in service.

We do manufacturing of jewelries such as watches, gold diamond rings, necklaces, cartiyer and bungles using the purity of 99.9%



Factors Affecting Gold’s Price

Gold’s price is, in many ways, influenced by the same factors that affect other commodities. However, its wide-scale popularity and stored value increases its exposure to greater gains, as well as losses.

The key factors affecting gold’s price are:

  • Inflation– When a currency experiences greater than normal inflation, traders may prefer to store their value in gold since it is relatively stable and has historically held its value well.
  • Supply– Like other commodities, supply has the power to lower Gold’s price if a market becomes saturated or raise the price if scarce. New Gold discoveries increase availability where there may have been a shortage.
    Unlike some consumable commodities such as Oil and Corn, Gold is still tradable even after being used. If the price goes higher, it is more advantageous for miners to mine for new Gold. If the price drops, they may not mine as much resulting in less supply in the market.
  • Demand– Demand for Gold can be triggered by the demand for the metal in jewelry, industrial uses, and trading. If demand is greater than the supply, the price may go up. On the other hand, if demand is low and the market has a surplus, the price may drop to attract buyers or it may rise depending on buyer demand.
  • The US Dollar– Gold is priced in dollars making the US currency a player in how attractive the commodity is to foreign inventors. If someone trades in Euros, Pounds, or another currency, a devalued USD may make the commodity more attractive while a stronger dollar may have the adverse effect.
  • Geopolitical events– As a global metal, geopolitical events can have an effect on the supply of this precious metal. Events can also affect the movement of currencies, changing the relative value of Gold and potentially sending large amounts of traders to or from this commodity.

As EuroGold Refinery, our responsibility is to make sure you are in business despite of any changes of mineral prices in the world market.